Motorola MECL logic family datasheets, 1963

Below are datasheets and application note or two, of an early high-speed commercial IC logic family, MECL (Motorola ECL (emitter coupled logic)). I don't know how many devices in the family were available in 1963, I assume I have a limited set of datasheets. In any case I'll post more as I find and scan them.

Though it's pretty crusty, this MECL stuff is pretty quick. I would imagine a lot of high-end computing machinery used this stuff, ECL in general being a successful and long-lived generic logic family. The density sucks by today's standards, but as you can see the approach is thoroughly modern (another way of saying in limited ways nothing has changed for 40 years, down to datasheet style). In an upper corner of the first page of each datasheet is a picture of the die, and the density is low enough that you can make our all the active components!

The quality of these scans is somewhat poor, with bleedthrough from the wrong side of the sheet, I will remedy this in future scans (just got a new scanner).

Application note IC-11 System design with MECL integrated circuit logic blocks
MC1116, MC1117, MC1118 diode arrays
Need 1st page and title!
MC302G flip flop circuit
MC303G half adder
MC304G bias driver (core?)
MC306G gate expander
MC307G 3-input logic gate
MECL II price sheet (1967)