Automotive LPG Fuel

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Summary: Sketch of autombile LPG conversion; basic description; how-to basics; photos; Impco info; some sources given. Data/experience in last few years not yet in here, including substantial road experiece; ETA is Summer 96.

Automotive LPG Fuel

Table of Contents

Net resources on LPG/propane

  • DOE's Alternative Fuel Data Center An excellent example of public data -- this site has been growing continuously over the past year, and it's now quite substantial and -- gulp -- useful. Contains tons of resources, list of refueling sites, technology, laws, etc.
  • The Centre for Alternative Transportation Fuels, operated by BC Research Inc.(BCRI) in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, maintains a GIGANTIC list of citations to A.F. articles, sources, tables, etc.
  • Winter weekly fuel prices for propane, heating oil, etc.
  • FAQ on gasoline; chemistry, use, physics of combustion, etc. Pretty thorough.
  • Exhaustive FAQ on gasoline.
  • BCC Clean Transportatation Technology News, newsy info on clean fuels projects, technology and related, and Canada and US of A, written in a breezy but dense press-release style, bullshit level seems low, enough tech info to tell what's going on.
  • "Alternative fuels: future necessity or future nuisance" (sic) by SMU student John Lehman contains some juicy pointers to AFDC sites that are not responding -- presumably a victim of those DC scumbags' game of budgetary chicken. Now what does the 'future nuisance' reference mean?
  • Gas Equipment Manufacturers web index lists a few large, dull corpses together. Possibly useful if you're trying to locate equipment.
  • Well-edited transcript of EGO (Exhaust Gas Oxygen) sensor hackery.
  • LPG information sources maintained by DOE's AFDC (see above).
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