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    "I regret to say that we of the FBI are powerless to act in cases of
    oral-genital intimacy, unless it has in some way obstructed interstate

Table of Contents

Same old shit.

  • WORK IN PROGRESS new LPG/propane motor fuelpages. New, from scratch. Completion scheduled for Summer 1996.
  • My LPG (propane) as a motor fuel booklet and supporting data. A major rewrite is coming, including mileage data, closed-loop oxygen and ignition timing recurve info, substantially improved data, and other junk from the last four years. Likely won't be complete til summer 96.
  • What is a FLAG, BURNING, and who cares, anyways?
  • The toilet camera hoax revealed and explained.
  • RS-232 serial inter face, 9 pin and 25 pin specs in a reasonably useful form.
  • The remains of my ill-fated logging geiger counter.
  • Texts and hypertexts and WWW-authored stuff.

  • The WPS texts archive.
  • My South West U.S. travelogue.
  • Brief story of the Shred of Dignity warehouse on Shipley Alley.
  • A brief moment when I was two.
  • Various visual stuff, of no particular import and in no particular order.

  • A famous fag punk with a famous computer.
  • An early, miserable attempt at a VR helmet.
  • Some anti-Clipper (remember that?) sentiment; graffiti in San Francisco
  • The WPS graphic in all it's full-screen glory.
  • Other Web servers of interest

    -- by tomj @ wps . com (Tom Jennings)