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About World Power Systems Nov 97
Burroughs' Nixie indicator tubes; decimal computing and counting tubes.
Cold War 1 films on VHS and other cultural by-products from WPS; historical radiacs; nuclear science, culture and art. July 97
LPG/propane motor fuel booklet and supporting data, final version. April 97
Ed Grothus' Black Hole of Los Alamos, aka Los Alamos Sales Co. July 97
Greta Snider (of Mudflap zine) wrote this punk rock dating game, a very large Director program, but definitely worth the download time! July 97
My southwest road-trip travelogue. Aug 97
Various kinds of shits endemic to the U.S. July 97
My mediocre texts archive, works by WS Burroughs, Hakim Bey, Richard Loranger, and more. 1994
A brief story of the Shred of Dignity warehouse on Shipley Alley in San Francisco, way back when. 1993
What is a flag, burning, and who cares, anyways? 1995
The infamous and now irritating (to me) TOILET CAM HOAX revealed and explained -- even to idiots who WONT DELETE OBSOLETE LINKS! 1994

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This shit makes absolutely no sense at all. You're fucking nuts.

Minor stuff of various sorts.


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