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Generic Pattern

Show below are the preliminary design for the NEW Rambler V8 aluminum valve covers, and are my personal design.  The final design will be slightly different, but the pictures give an idea of what I'll be making available SPECIFICALLY for Rambler V8 engines!

vc04.jpg (172869 bytes)

Show below are the AMC "Indy" valve covers reproduced by Tony Zamisch of California Classic AMC.  These are a reproduction of the covers used in the AMC Indy car racing program and are a high-quality sand casting.  These covers were originally designed for the AMC V8 cylinder heads (290-401 engines) but "can" be modified to fit the Rambler V8 heads (250-287-327) with some work.   However, they WILL NOT fit the Rambler chassis with a stock intake manifold and carb., due to the placement of throttle linkage brackets on the fire wall.  They WILL fit an engine with another intake/carb combination.

327fb-amc-cvr-01.jpg (49164 bytes)

327fb-amc-cvr-02.jpg (56058 bytes)

327fb-amc-cvr-03.jpg (52911 bytes)

327fb-amc-cvr-04.jpg (23251 bytes)

327fb-amc-cvr-05.jpg (63520 bytes)

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