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Shown below is a PRELIMINARY comparison of the Hilborn SB Chevy and Rambler V8 intake manifolds, since the SB Chevy (350) intake  appears to be a good candidate for ADAPTING to the Rambler V8 engine.  The SBC intake is physically narrower than the Rambler intake and is slightly shorter.  Both the SBC and Rambler intakes share a near-perfect port size and pairing, so the manifold adapters should work well, mating the "Brand-X Chevy" intake to the Rambler V8 cylinder heads.

Another difference between the two intakes are their mounting face angles.   The Rambler measures 45-degrees each side, totalling 90-degrees, while the SB Chevy measures 35-degrees for a total angle of 110-degrees.  These angle differences do complicate the fabrication of an adapter since flat stock can't be used (like was done on the AMC-to-Rambler intake adapters).

I will be mocking up the SB Chevy Hilborn manifold on the Rambler engine block/heads, will design the adapter in CAD and have a few sets CNC machined for testing, I'll keep you all informed of my progress!

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