Annotated pictures of the Rambler LPG installation

These are some digital photos I took for my friend Erika who's converting her Chevy-V8 powered Volvo 142 punk S.U.V. to LPG. (My how technology's changed; I agonized to scan photos with my crappy hand-held scanner in 1991 to make tiny, low-res photos; now I just make full color, decent sized, 250K photos and say hell with it.)

They are by no means exhaustive, but merely representative, and by no means do I insist that these are the best installations possible. Some of this I did in 1989 when I had no hard knowledge nor information, like the separate mounting of the filter/shutoff, remotely from the converter (just slap it upside the converter with a 2" nipple!). I've also moved the converter from the inner fender to 6" from the carb, to get around some fuel/air ratio lags that were (1) not really an problem and (2) utterly solved by the addition of the Autotronics 4046 closed-loop system. Which, by the way, I do insist is the correct way to go.