The complete product line of World Power Systems is shown below. All of the instruments and products shown here are created in our Engineering Department.

This device conjures true random numbers from the isotopic decay from natural rock; in this case, uranium ore mined largely by the misled, underpaid local, largely native, population of the American South West. We need large quantities of random numbers to do... simulations of radioactive decay.

Desktop Atomic Pile
Now you too can experience the fun and folly of operating your own Desktop Atomic Pile, complete with side effects! Includes coupon to receive live fissile materials by mail! Ages 6 and up (adult assistance recommended).

Discorporate spell box
Nearly 15 years in making (largely due to lack of progress), a dangerous device for conjuring energies against the silent corporate takeover of the world.

Story Teller
An installation of WPS equipment that tells stories stored on paper tape, via printed words, machine speech, bright phosphor and ink on paper.

ITA2 Alan Turing
A portrait of Alan Turing, rendered as a (very) long string.

Model 71, Measuring device
Characterizes organic substances; delivers a rich though hard to interpret result.

Model 47, Trinity diorama
An operating analog of the Trinity site, concerning some true events of 6 July 1945.

Model 23, Trinitite box
A chain of events triggered by the new man-made substance, Trinitite.

Model 17, Audible detector
Electrical detection of lost and haunted souls, and machine gibberish.

Model 13 Clock
An analog clock/calendar in luscious bakelite and software.

Model 11, Nixie clocks
Exotic, practical clocks built around wonderfully obsolete Nixie display tubes.

Encapsulated landscapes
An indeterminate series of landscape studies, of obscure and extreme land use.

Ede Teller
Edward Teller plays the part of Dr. William Haber and Thufir Hawat.