About World Power Systems

World Power Systems, a division of Omni Consumer Products, was incorporated in 1957 to take advantage of the latest in information technologies, especially as they were being applied to the growing field of security concepts, and to provide a mechanism through which to assimilate undocumented currency into the parent company. Dick Jones, CEO of WPS says, "...we don't provide security per se, but a complete concept of security."

WPS is located in Bethesda Maryland, adjacent to various law enforcement entities both public and private. WPS is perched on the razor edge of computing technology, as is evident here in our computing center, as seen through the Employee Satisfaction Monitoring System, operated by our Human Resources department. Equipment and staff are contantly upgraded by utilizing the very latest in high-risk credit and our parent corporations' past good credit standing.

We put out staff's jobs on the line to keep our networking and surveillance systems operational 24/7. WPS's network contains miles and miles of RG-8 cable, and round-the-clock staff is on call to travel over the entire network tightening loose connectors as they may appear. A stringent dress code is maintained for our staff to prevent problems before they occur.

We drive our clerical staff equally hard generating web content for your pleasure, under the constant supervision of our management and our technical staff. Two completely different sets of management oversight ensures complete attention to your every need and whim.

We thank you for partaking of WPS's goods and services, and we thank you for your patriotism.