About Tom Jennings (aka World Power Systems)

I make things, mostly technological, but don't hold me to that, consistency is not a human virtue. Electronics and software, cast iron, plastic, software, faux historical machinery that could (not) have been; finely crafted, rigorously rugged, reliable, most often.

A lot of what I make now gets called "art" though that's not always how I think of it, but saying so ends a lot of questioning. I do most of my work under the guise of World Power Systems, a vague entity with dubious past and an uncertain future.

I'm reasonably obsessed with the early history of electronic (not necessarily digital) computing, especially of the non-stored-program sort. I collect, and read, a lot of original technical and scientific material in my favorite period (more or less, 1938-1964), including little bits I've put online here and have a pretty good grasp of what Thomas Kuhn calls the 'integrity of a discarded mode of thought', at least from this peculiar period.

I currently teach students at CalArts how to think about making things (and how to make things); the philosophy and culture(s) behind human persuits known as technologies, the physics behind software, and the human culture embedded within the guts of our computers.

Contact: Tom Jennings <tomj @ WorldPowerSystems . com>

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i simply cant find a "proper" place to put this -- and it was in 'about WPS' in the early 00's -- pictures of the derelict property we bought, and now live in. it's umm substantially different today...