code and software projects

pretty much everything i do has been electronic or had electronics and code buried within it forever, but not much of it has made it to the intertubes. it should be no surprise that most of this is now code, and electronics to support that code. (since the world remains firmly analog there remains analog electronics, mostly as interface to code.) everything i do is embedded, no graphics, no commodity audio, no social media, etc.

roadster code

all of the electrics in my rambler roadster are implemented in code, on purpose-made but generalized hardware, in a four-processor distributed configuration. this code is thefull-blown version of my a definite method multitasking strategy and has a super-robust inter-process/inter-processor communication system.

here is a description of the the roadster code system, the roadster electronics.

at the moment it's the only description of the multitasking strategy, but i will break out a much smaller-scope project, without all the multi-processor and IPC complexity.