sound boxen

the innards of each box is laid out slightly differently, but all have identical components. there is a small perf board that has a small slide switch -- slide off, then on, to fully reset everything. the Arduino Pro Mini has a RESET switch, tiny round button on the end opposite the CPU chip. there are LEDs on the solar controller, the Arduino. the reset switch, especially, may be annoying to press. the power switch on all should be quit accessible and is probably the best way to reset/power cycle since it totally disconnects the battery.

refer to this picture, of box #2, for component identification and switch and LED locations.

BE CAREFUL: the microSD card is press in/press out. bump it, and it ejects. it's tiny and easy to lose! do nto pull it out; press in, it will pop out. to install, press in, once. it clicks quietly when pressed correctly.

Box #1
Box #2
Box #3
Box #4
Box #5
Box #6