Plot map.
  Plot hand-drawn from memory. NOTHING TO SCALE! PROPORTIONS WRONG
West building.
Roof views.
  Just inside doorway looking towards Allesandro.
  From E. wall of west building.
  Further towards E.
  Even further E.
  Due E., over middle building roof.
  Down to west building entrance (note pooled water, 7" rainfall 2 days before).
West building.
  Just inside doorway looking towards Allesandro.
  Just inside doorway looking towards Whitemore/Allesandro corner.
  Cafe doorway L.
  Just inside doorway to plumbing core.
  Inside area visible in west-bath.
  From other side of area visible in west-inside-bath2.
  E. side of west building; doorway.
  From E. wall looking W.
  From N. wall looking S. Plumbing core in rear L.
  Sink area.
  NW corner (Whitmore/Allesandro corner).
  Steel shed S. of west building
  S. wall of shed. Only damage, missing rivets.
  Between shed and west building.
Middle building.
  W-most, "dirty" apt towards Allesandro. Note painted over windows.
  Towards front door, windows on L.
  Towards rear door.
  Plumbing detail E wall.
  Rear door.
  Inside front door, window R.
  Front, E wall.
  E. wall, rear of front room. East building visible through window.
  Front room, S. wall, actually just a partition.
  Front room, S. wall.
  Middle room, S?
  Rear room, looking towards Allesandro. Sink on L (eg. plumbing).
  Apt unknown, representative. No water damage.
  Apt unknown.
  Inside lean-to, will be outside. Note curb! "Brick" is old asphalt shingle. Tiny outside bath to L.
  Rear door to middle apt. Front (painted-over) windows visible.
  To L of rear door middle apt. Encloses toilet.
  Door from middle to east apt, front window L front door through doorway.
  Middle apt front room, front door on L, painted over windows.
  W. wall of middle apt front room.
  E. wall of middle apt front room.
  Sink of middle or E apt.
  Sink of middle or E apt from front room.
  Rear room, looking towards Allesandro. Sink on R.
East building.
  S. side of east building.
  S. side of east building.
  E. side of east building and gate.
  From gate towards garage.
  From doorway N. (towards Allesandro).
  From doorway N., slightly W.
  Towards NW corner (whiteout is sunlit opened garage door).
  Towards W wall.
Allesandro Street views.
  2360 driveway gate.
  Driveway gate, slightly E.
  Corner Allesandro/Whitmore.
  Middle building.
  Corner Allesandro/Whitmore, sidewalk.
  Inside fence, corner Whitmore/Allesandro.
  Inside fence, middle building looking E.
  Inside fence, middle building looking E.
  West building front door detail.
  West building front door from inside fence.
  Middle building front windows and doors.
  Stucco pulled to reveal older stucco. This actually good, easily removed and replaced, vertical trim remove to unify front building look. West buildin only, middle building is fine.
Rear building.
  Garage door.
  Inside garage. Actually good, just dirty.
  Window above washer is window in W wall boarded over.
  Doorway into inside room.
  Inside room.
  Shower to R, sink removed from wall, toilet removed, otherwise intact.
  Masonite ceiling damaged by water leak. Appears to be no structural damage.
  House interior, living room to middle room.
  House, from E driveway.
  W. edge of house looking S.
  Bathroom. Ruined/missing walls and floor.
  Bathroom detail.
  First bedroom.
  Second bedroom (inside).
  Second bedroom.
  Dining room. Living rm entrance to L.
  Front of house.
  Front of house, W side.
  Kitchen, from hall.
  Kitchen, from hall.
  Doorways, kitchen on L, br #1 on R, from br #2.
  From entrance looking NW.
  From entrance, looking towards Allesandro; dining rm on R.
  Rear of house (porch).
  W. side, rear. Back building on R.
Lean-to. This will be demolished.
  View from shed.
  E. end.
  From near east building entrance. Removing lean-to will open access between buildings.
  From west building entrance.
Whitemore side.
  Along fence looking S.
  Parking lot, from Whitmore gate.
Other houses. No further info.
  $200K house, Echo Park. 800 sq ft?
  $230K house, Echo Park.
  $250K house, Echo Park.
  $315K house, Echo Park. 2 car garage in back has office. 2br, one in loft.