The Hulk

Alter Ego:Robert Bruce Banner

First Appearance:The Incredible Hulk#1, Marvel Comics, 1962


Origin:After the countdown has begun on the new G-Bomb he has developed, Dr. Banner spots a teen-ager driving onto the test site. Banner orders his jealous assistant, Igor Starsky, to stop the test and runs out to save the driver. Igor ignores Dr. Banner's order and the countdown continues as Banner runs out onto the field. He manages to toss the teen-aged driver into a trench, but he himself is bathed in gamma rays as a result of the bomb blast. Banner is transformed into the Hulk, a seven-foot tall, green skinned, incredibly strong creature. Eventually the hulk is transformed back into Banner, who does not remeber what he does as the Hulk. Banner discovers that anger triggers the mutation. As the Hulk, he is very strong, can leap great distances, and nothing short of a nucclear balst can harm him. The Hulk, despite his destructive tantrums, always aides the innocent.

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