1. "A big mushroom of smoke and dust."

4. Country music song praising "When the Bomb ____."

5. Fussell thanks God for this.

7. Year Frankie Avalon became a man. A panic.

9. Worse than fallout, they roam the land in hotrods.

11. Naya's robot. An example of advanced Martian technology.

13. Emotional state of the League of Frightened Men.

14. He had a girl with marvelous judgement, if not particularly good taste.


1. The Devil Girl From Mars.

2. Bombarding these would create a nice warm climate.

3. Vic's Master.

6. A peaceful place for bomb testing. Miss Anatomic wear.

8. The E in AEC.

10. One World or ____.

12. Author of "Dedication Day". Praised famous men.

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