Wilderness Machine card-jam fix

This is instructions on installing some fixes for card dropping and card jamming on the Wilderness Machine.

PROBLEM 1: The "ricky jay" (three-fingered robot arm) dropping cards. The card should be straddled by the two top passive fingers, then gripped from below by the movable finger. It appears some alignment problem has developed such that the front-most passive finger is not positioned over the card.

FIX 1: Place rubber bands between the two passive fingers to create a backstop for the card to be clamped by the movable finger. The bands don't need to be very tight.

PROBLEM 2: Cards fall from the platen onto the top base plate, stack up and jam under the platen when it is moved to the bottom-most position. This is almost certainly caused by card sticking together in the stack (rough texture) or the vacuum pickup system sufficiently strong to suck through the top card to reach the second (most likely).

FIX 2: Place the two devices onto the machine; the smaller one (DEVICE #1) attaches to the back of the movable platen, and the larger (V-shaped) (DEVICE #2) one attaches to the top base plate. They are both attached by magnets.

This pic shows the approximate vicinity for the two devices, looking down from the top.


Place the red "X" on the smaller device onto the back (non-card) side of the platen, about 1 to 2 inches from the edge, on the side with the card stack elevator. Place the plastic-coated portion pointing downward and towards the front (card side).

Placement is not critical. Align the device such that the plastic coating just starts at the bottom edge of the platen. Cards that slide down will contact this plastic coated finger and be pushed out of vertical alignment.


The second device sits on the top base plate. The idea is that it makes a ramp for the card to slide down so that it will not stand on edge.

With the platen all the way at the bottom, simply slide the device into place from behind such that the plastic coated portion of the ramp touches the platen. The lower portion of the ramp will then stick out past the platen on the front (card) side. Placement is not critical.