SOLD 1975 AMC Gremlin X for sale SOLD

Immaculate, near-complete better-than-new restoration of a "loaded" Gremlin X. I built this as a daily driver and was going to autocross it (SCCA Solo II, BSP), but now I'm afraid to scratch it, it's the wrong car for me. I can document more than $18,000 invested. I strive for mechanical driving perfection from the ground up, not just cosmetics. This car can be driven as-is as if it were new. All known flaws are minor and/or cosmetic.

$8000, located in Los Angeles, Calif. Contact Tom Jennings at



Body is painted show-quality 1999 Honda Tafetta white (car was originally medium blue), zero orange-peel, clearcoated, perfect condition, with very few tiny chips (1/8" diameter or less) and one small scrape (1/8" x 1.5") on front fender. Chrome and stainless trim in Good condition, no dents or dings. Locking NOS Gremlin gas cap. New stickers: Levi's, 5.0 litre, hockey-stick. Only wheels, paint color, grille detail and lenses are non-stock. The only rust was in the corners of the door bottoms, from dirt-plugged drain holes. Sound insulation and deadener added to doors.

New 304 V8, 240hp according to Mr. Gasket software (RV cam, 1.94"/1.55" hard valves, about 9.5:1 compression (87 octane OK), Carter 500CFM on Edelbrock Performer intake, 1969 distributor (aggressive advance curve) with Crane Fireball module, MSD Blaster coil, 3" exhaust, performance catalytic converter), has 100% intact, working-order California smog equip. Only 500 miles on motor, 50,000 mile/60 month transferrable warrenty from M&R Machine, Burbank CA. Engine oil cooler in place, not plumbed, parts included with car.

Every single rubber fuel line replaced with modern MBTE-compatible, including tank hoses and filler neck.

The A/C and cooling system is in better-than-new condition, old compressor replaced with modern Sanden 7-piston compressor. This car will idle in Tuscon Ariz. summer traffic (110 degrees) with the A/C on max and not overheat.

Torqueflite 998 transmission in good order, with mild Trans-Go kit and aftermarket cooler. Original axle silent, seals good. Brake system new (all but steel lines and prop valve replaced) including flex hoses.

Suspension: Front: every single wear part replaced except front rubber spring pad (in Fair condition, replacements not available). Springs new all four corners, about 1" taller than stock. New power-steering hoses. Rear: axle/springs mounted in "new style" (80's) rubber surround (taken from 7" axle system), should probably have torque links or traction bars added to compensate. Rear understeer reduced by lowering rear spring perch using phenolic blocks (bolt-on, no chassis mods or flimsy tall shackles).

Interior is completely restored, in better-than-new condition except for the following: dash pad typical heat warpage; missing center piece of engine-turned trim on dash; button fell off passenger seat (easy replace); missing buttons rear seat (easy to add if you find some); one seat-belt trim cover falls off (typical problem); dome light lens falls off; the rearmost interior plastic pieces are crap and need replacing. The seats were reupholstered and fabric is genuine NOS AMC Levis fabric (it is not clothing-type denim). Carpet is from Mac McCoy. The clock has quartz retrofit kit, very accurate. Door panels are original, Very Good shape, with new "denim" and pockets. The spare tire cover is in Good shape (has full-size spare, barely fits, should this be a compact spare?) The other corner of the hatch area looks terrible, as the plastic is broken, as mentioned above.

Tires are 215R70-14 Continentals on "half-chrome smoothies" from Wheel Vintiques (original corroded "turbo" wheels junked), non-chrome painted body color, with "moons"; this is within 2% of original size D70's.

Miscelaneous: Blue-white halogen headlamps, good quality, forgot the brand, with relays (only .5V drop battery to lamp). Autometer gauges: 4" tach on column, volt, vacuum, O2 meters under dash (the latter of dubious value). See dash photo.

If you have any questions or requests for specific photos just ask.

Other flaws not listed above:

If I find/recall more flaws, I will add them above.

Some of the details of this car, especially the head work to fit the big valves, is on this website.